Reputation & Brand Management

In such a cluttered world, it is particularly challenging to stand out. We understand this and are highly adept at working with our executives and companies to develop and implement key and relevant messaging that can be used across multiple platforms, distinguishing our clients as industry thought leaders in partnership with the world’s leading brands.

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Crisis Communications

Although this is something you hope you never need, in this always on world and 24/7 news cycle you must be prepared for the negative. Our years of experience and understanding of both the media and our clients come into play in helping to quickly and intelligently handle, defuse, and when possible eliminate intense situations, always working through the messages in a quick, intuitive, logical and precise manner.

Media Training

Some people love to be in front of the media and some don’t. But if you are an executive that is required all the time or at times to deliver your message, you must be prepared and know exactly what to do. A classically trained actress, and the host of her own online video series, as well as iheart radio show, Katie truly understands not only the right messages to share, but how to deliver them, a special skill she shares with her clients.

Content Creation

We all know that the world is perpetually thirsty for content. This presents excellent opportunities to communicate your message. From article writing, to speech writing, to video content, we can help you be heard.

Industry Events

Often an integral part of a communications plan includes participation in industry events. It can be confusing where to start and what to participate in. We are extremely well versed in industry events and have years of experience booking hard to secure seminars at The Cannes Lions Festival, being a part of Advertising Week US and Europe and a host of key industry events. From figuring out where to dedicate your time and resources, the best ways to be involved, to securing a speakers slot to hosting a cocktail party, we can make it happen.