Katie is an expert on working women and the unique challenges they face.  A frequent industry speaker, moderator and host, she is the creator of Perspectives with Katie Kempner, which she has produced in partnership with TED Women, the Cannes Lions Festival, Advertising Week (US & Europe), The Guardian and The Huffington Post. She has interviewed many remarkable business women including Arianna Huffington, Founder, The Huffington Post; documentary filmmaker and the Second Lady of California, Jennifer Siebel Newsom; Linda Sawyer, Chairman, Deutsch; Nancy Hill, CEO, The 4 A’s; Rebecca Blumenstein, Deputy Editor-in-Chief, The Wall Street Journal; Laurie Ann Goldman, former CEO, Spanx; Editor-in-Chief of Cosmopolitan UK, Louise Court; Marlena Paleo-Lazar (former and at the time) Chief Creative Officer, McDonald’s; Cindy Gallop, Entrepreneur; Christine Freuchte, CEO, Colle + McVoy; and Tash Whitmey, CEO Havas EHS among many others.




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